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Either format below is fine as long as your feed reader can accept it. If one doesn't work for you, try the other. I'll probably have a blog at least once a week. To know I have an update: Check the folder or program you subscribed to my feed in, and it will show you my newest blogs with a summary title and a short description, if you have a decent feed reader.

RSS 2.0 feed:

Click the link above to subscribe to the RSS format.

Atom 1.0 feed:

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How to subscribe to an RSS or Atom feed

For mobile devices:

You will need a feed reader from an app store for the Operating System you use (Android? OSX? etc.), and have to follow the directions they give.

For Firefox or something similar:

The new way:

Around December 2018, Firefox updated their browser so you need a third party plugin to subscribe to feeds in. Follow their directions

The old way:

Left click once on one of the links above. It will then go to a new window with a plain looking page. That page will have a "Subscribe Now" button, or something similar. Click it.

Keep the default name that shows up (or not), then put it in any folder you want, and click subscribe again. It's helpful to use a unique folder so your bookmarks won't get cluttered.

Not all browsers let you subscribe to feeds with them, so you might need a feed reader. Search for "atom or rss feed reader" and get one if you need.

For Thunderbird, and similar email clients:

Instructions can be found here. If you don't use Tunderbird, you'll need to search for instructions for the program you use.