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Hi, I'm Kevin. I make logos, web sites, and web apps with as much customization as you need. Since you landed on this page specifically for art: check my samples below. And if you're interested, just fill out the form beneath them and I'll give you a free estimate.

Whether you need something simple or complex, don't be afraid to let me know. Though it's likely I will want to speak on the phone with you, because my experience is that people usually can't describe art they want in just a few sentences.

Once I get a few examples of what you need, I should be able to come up with a price within a few days.

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Remember that I give free estimates.

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Describe colors, shapes, and any web sites you like.

Example: If you asked for a blog, maybe you want your blog to be searchable by year?? Or you want to be able to click a button that filters data, and exports it to a csv file??

Rough estimate, doesn't have to be exact.

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