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Do you need to Hire A Freelance Web Developer In The Chicago Area or USA??

Welcome to my web development company!

I can make your next website / web apps with as much customization as you need.

Whether it's small or big, you only need a website, you only need some web apps, or maybe you want an entirely new platform alternative to a popular one: I can create and automate pretty much anything you need.

One of my most recent web apps was a GoFundMe alternative. I made it because many websites today are banning / censoring people from their platforms for really stupid reasons.

I believe in more freedom than less, so to fight against censorship: I made a bunch of my own apps that put the power back in your hands, make you independent, and free you from unnecessary costs.

I also give free estimates.

The following are some examples of a few things I've made. Feel free test to them out yourself on the WORK page. For the quickest example of a custom app I made: Fill out the contact form at the bottom, and I'll email you back within 24 hours.

Web apps created with Python, Django, and Javascript

That's just the framework and programming languages I use to create websites and web apps.

It's not really important to know that, but I say it because some people specifically look for others with those skills.

  • GoFundMe crowd funding clone (with dynamic RSS 2 and Atom 1 feeds),
  • Contact forms,
  • Ecommerce / shopping carts (which is a CMS or Content Management System),
  • Forum / Message board apps,
  • Subscriptions with tiered levels of access to areas based on payment amount (bronze, silver, gold, etc),
  • Crypto currency apps,
  • Unlimited email lists, and auto responders,
  • Comment apps,
  • Captcha apps,
  • Blog apps (with RSS 2 / Atom 1 feeds, and your sitemap),
  • News apps so different people can log in and write/edit only their own articles, or pull data from other servers.
  • User accounts that allow people to login, reset their password, and send an email reminder if they forgot it,
  • Integrate web api's on existing apps,
  • And so on...

Website Designer, and SEO consultant services:

  • I make web sites from scratch, which means HTML, CSS, Javascript, SVG, and Linux server. So I can pretty much make you anything you want with any level of customization,
  • I can automate all the hard stuff for you without you having to know how to code,
  • Mobile friendly and responsive... If you're on a desktop computer: Resize your window to as skinny as it can get. Notice the different buttons at the top??,
  • SEO analysis (Search Engine Optimization),
  • Need a better UI / UX??,
  • And many more things!

Digital art and logo design services:

Chuck norris fact 9,001

I wouldn't consider myself a pro in this area, but I am capable of making fairly simple images. Whether it's SVG or needs some raster effects, as long as you don't expect it to be super realistic, I can probably make it. This includes any kind of wonky shaped SVG buttons, such as the ones up top that only highlight when you hover over one of the cog teeth.

A little about me:

I'm a Libertarian / Voluntarist if you generalize it...

But I don't like terms like that because it assumes stuff that may not be true.

To elaborate: I don't like the left, nor the right, I would prefer Ron Paul if he ran, I don't believe in rulers to begin with, plus the entire world / system is a scam... But I'm not afraid to admit I like Trump.

He's said some things that made me mad (he mentioned execution for Edward Snowden) - so I'm not deaf and blind to his criticisms... But I do like him, and I think a lot of people freak out over real tiny things about him.

If you want a more in depth explanation, go to the WORK page and scroll down right below the art section, and read the mission statement caption where I explain myself in more detail.

If you need to hire a coder / programmer for your next small or big business website:

I give free estimates.

Please fill these out to the best of your ability

Example: Abouts us, Products, Contact, Blog, etc.

Describe colors, shapes, and any web sites you like.

Example: If you asked for a blog, maybe you want your blog to be searchable by year?? Or you want to be able to click a button that filters data, and exports it to a csv file??

Rough estimate, doesn't have to be exact: DD/MM/YYYY.

If you don't know what this is, don't worry about it.

You don't have to know right now, but an idea is helpful.

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